“’Que lo alaben todos sus ángeles’. Intertextualidad entre Hb 1,6 y Sal 97,7 desde la Estilística Sociológica”, Estudios Bíblicos 80 (2022) 383-398.

The article applies Bakhtinian typology (‘stylization’, ‘hidden polemic’, ‘parodic use’) to the texts related to the intertextuality present between Heb 1:6 and Ps 97:7. In this way, it deepens the understanding of the dialogical phenomena prior to the written fixation in the various groups involved in the biblical world at the end of the Second Temple period. The paper analyses the understanding of Psalm 97, especially the expression “¡bow down to him, all you gods!”, over time, and in its various manifestations: TM, LXX, 1QM, 4Q44, SyrPs 97, Hb 1,16, TgPs 97, and Midrash Tehillim.
KEYWORDS Intertextuality, Mikhail Bakhtin, Heb 1,6, Ps 97:7, Dt 32:43, Sociological Stylistics